The Grid: Overtime

Creative Producer | Nov 12, 2020 - Jan 22, 2021
Project Overview
RLCSX (RLCS Season 10) was an open event-based circuit format which culminated in an annual Rocket League World Championship. The Grid was an accompanying component of the RLCS featuring top teams. Throughout the split, NA and EU each had 16 teams compete in a separate series of $10,000 tournaments.

The teams/organizations are a focus for these tournaments, as they are allowed (and encouraged) to broadcast all of their matches through their own channels. For this second split of The Grid, a central "hub" broadcast was desired so that viewers at home could tune in to one place to discover the action and/or follow along with the overall story throughout the day. Enter The Grid: Overtime, a collaboration between Psyonix and Beyond the Summit.
My Contributions
As the director for The Grid: Overtime, my primary responsibility is to ensure that we follow the most exciting action throughout the day, and that we present an entertaining & understandable view of the tournament to our audience. With up to eight concurrent matches, I keep track of which games are heading to a 'point of interest' (an overtime, a big comeback, a huge upset, etc.) and then I direct our technical director and hosts to bring us there and to share that story with the audience.

Throughout the day I am also assisting with tech changes & data entry, lining up interviewees, keeping talent informed of news & happenings, and monitoring the end product.

Please contact Dakota Cox as a reference for my work on this project!