Hi, I'm 
Mitchell Morley


To hire me for broadcast work, please email me (prod@mitchellmorley.com) with some basic details about your project's dates, content, and the work you'd like me to perform.

About Me

I am a Seattle-based freelancer for EVS, Replay Operator, Technical Director, V1, Tape/Playback, and other live production roles. My experience spans across multiple markets including corporate events, conventions & conferences, gaming & variety shows, and professional esports competitions. I specialize in EVS and vMix, and can operate additional equipment. Local, travel, and remote work are all great for me!

My Work

To view a full history of my work & references, please see my CV Google Sheet. You may also be interested in my production templates, which are handy project files for vMix, BitFocus Companion, and more. You can access these in my Pay What You Want (PWYW) Store on Gumroad.

Hi, I'm 
Mitchell 'furtive' Morley

I'm an esports tournament organizer based in San Diego, California. Here are a few of my recent projects!