Fight Night on Crown Channel

vMix TD, Replay Op, Call Op | Various Dates
Project Overview
Crown Channel is an Amazon entertainment property on Twitch. Fight Night is a recurring show on Crown Channel hosted by ChelseaBytes and ActionJaxon. Each week, they welcome a new guest and new game for banter and fun in a loose, light-hearted environment.

I've worked on various episodes for this show as a vMix TD:
- S3E15 (Jul 12-13)
- S3E16 (Jul 19-20)
- S3E22 (Sep 13-14)

I've worked on other various episodes for the show as a vMix Call Op:
- S3E10 (Jun 7-8)
- S3E17 (Jul 26-27)
- S3E18 (Aug 9-10)
- S3E19 (Aug 16-17)
- S3E20 (Aug 23-24)

And I worked on the final 2022 episode as a vMix Replay Op!
My Contributions
As a technical director for the show, I was responsible for:
- Replacing/updating assets in the vMix project
- Creating and updating GT files
- Creating and updating multi-mix inputs
- Routing & leveling audio
- Creating & updating multiviews
- Updating playlists for commercial breaks
- Developing scripts and/or Companion buttons for use
- Taking audibles for fun edits during the show

As a vMix Call Op for the show, I was responsible for:
- Tech checks for all participants
- Monitoring call health and keeping production moving smoothly in case of any failovers
- Giving cues to talent as needed

As a vMix Replay Op for the show, I was responsible for:
- creating a tight EOD package for live playback with talent commentary
- creating sponsor integrations package for immediate export and deliver post-show

Please contact Matt Kane as a reference for my work on this project!