Renaissance Ruckus

Creative Producer & Competitive Ops | June 26-27, 2021
Project Overview
Renaissance Ruckus was a Rocket League show under the Gold Rush brand presented by Wisdom Gaming and sponsored by PSD Underwear. It featured 12 players and 4 content creators in a medieval-themed setting. In-universe, we gathered 4 kings & queens (the content creators) together to hold a series of contests of skill. Those 4 kings & queens each drafted a team of 3 knights (players) to represent them. The queens & kings then co-streamed along our main broadcast as the four teams duked it out.

The gameplay itself was special: we partnered with Lethamyr, a prominent Rocket League modding content creator who assembled a celebration of community maps & game modes in a beautiful castle grounds environment that he made for the event.

From top to bottom, the show was full of wonderful performances by everyone competing, co-streaming, and commentating.

You can view the full day broadcasts on the GoldRushGG YouTube channel here:
- Day 1
- Day 2
My Contributions
As a creative producer, my responsibilities included:
- Creating the format, theming, schedule, and overall story of the event
- Sourcing talent for the broadcast
- Sourcing players to compete
- Sourcing co-stream partners
- Consulting on the design and implementation of assets for broadcast and socials
- Consulting on the structure of the broadcast
- Monitoring the end product
- (I also had my first, small segment in front of camera!)

As the lead on competitive ops, my responsibilities included:
- Authoring the gameplay rules
- Maintaining all player communications and ensuring players were set up for playing the custom modes
- Executing all gameday ops and score recording
- Resolving all technical issues