PAX Arena
at PAX West 2022

Competitive Operations Manager | Aug 31- Sep 5, 2022
Project Overview
PAX is a set of annual pop culture events in cities like Seattle (PAX West) and Boston (PAX East). PAX Arena is PAX's initiative to bring open, highly-produced, exciting esports competitions to all of their attendees. As PAX Arena's lead phrases it, "We're bringing esports to everyone!"

PAX Arena at PAX West 2022 featured a $10,000 "Almost Pro" Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament in partnership with the Panda Cup (a global event series for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is officially sanctioned by Nintendo).
My Contributions
As the Competitive Operations Manager, my responsibilities included:
- Setup & Teardown
- Overseeing on-site registration for hundreds of players
- Managing a team of admins to execute each competition (including overlapping schedules)
- Coordinating tournament & match timings with production to keep the broadcast flowing smoothly
- Resolving all technical issues

Please use Luke Thompson as a reference for my work on this project