Magic World Championship XXIX

EVS Operator | September 18-24, 2023
Project Overview
Magic World Championship XXIX was the culmination of a year of global professional Magic: the Gathering competitions. It featured a $1,000,000 prize pool and over 100 of the top players who qualified from the year's tour events.

It was held in Las Vegas, NV. The broadcast aired gameplay pieced together on a delay (to reduce on-air downtime from shuffling & other setup). By doing so, this creative format for coverage unlocked a higher-energy broadcast with more matches shown and fewer interruptions to the emotions & stories unfolding on stage.
My Contributions
As an EVS Operator for the show, I was responsible for:
- Physically setting up an EVS XT-3 and configuring it for 1080p 6in/2out
- Clipping all gameplay
- Playout of ALL gameplay for the event. Some was clipped off, some was straight off of the record trains, and some of it was in playlists. Worked with AD/Director on all of that traffic
- Adjusting playback speed of certain matches up to 150-200% for scheduling purposes (sometimes in the form of a playlist which ramped mid-game)
- Data entry of timestamps for all gameplay for the AD/Director to use

Please contact Mark Fredrick from Reaction A/V as a reference for my work on this project!