Lenovo Legion Path 2 Prestige (ft. Apex Legends)

Creative Producer | Aug 19, 2022
Project Overview
The Lenovo Legion Path 2 Prestige was a competition put on Lenovo Legion & Intel to uplift an aspiring content creator with a Lenovo Legion sponsorship and a mentorship from LuluLuvely. The competition was an Apex Legends killrace where three established creators (ChocoTaco, GuhRL, and Nikolarn) each selected one of the aspiring creators as their duo. The winning team's 'protege' was awarded the Lenovo Legion sponsorship and the LuluLuvely mentorship.

Beyond The Summit was contracted to produce the broadcast for the event, and I was brought in to execute as the creative producer.
My Contributions
As the creative producer, my responsibilities included:
- Integrating with the full-time Beyond The Summit crew as a contractor for the duration of the project
- Ideating the format, theming, schedule, and overall story of the event
- Sourcing some of the talent for the broadcast
- Drafting the run of show and assets required for the broadcast and overseeing their development with the broadcast team
- Authoring KBYG materials for participants and talent
- Managing talent on rehearsals and show
- Developing score sheet data input for observers to work with

Please contact Dakota Cox if you would like a reference for my work on this project!