Good @ Stuff

vMix TD | Various Dates
Project Overview
Crown Channel is an Amazon entertainment property on Twitch. Good @ Stuff is a crafting show broadcasted live from a studio set in Seattle. The host, Gina DeVivo, welcomes a new guest each week as they craft and talk about the guest's adventures in their career.

I was the TD for the season 1 finale and for the entirety of season 2.
My Contributions
As the TD, I was responsible for:
- Maintaining/updating playback & static assets
- Creating and updating GT files for dyamic GFX
- Creating and updating multi-mix scenes
- Routing & leveling audio
- Creating & updating multiviews for the control room
- Maintaining vMix playlists for commercial breaks
- Developing scripts and/or Companion buttons for director use

Please contact Matt Kane as a reference for my work on this project!