Game Changers Championship:
São Paulo 2023

EVS VIA Operator | November 24 - December 3, 2023
Project Overview
"The VALORANT Game Changers Championship is the culmination of the 2023 Game Changers series, featuring eight top-tier teams representing their respective regions. These squads have earned their spots through victories at major events and collecting the highest circuit points in their respective regions. From North America to EMEA, APAC, East Asia, Brazil, and Latin America, the tournament is a reflection of the most skilled women in VALORANT." - Riot Games

The event was held in São Paulo, Brazil, while the broadcast was operated out of the new Project Stryker remote broadcast center in Seattle, WA.

I contracted under Gravity Media for both the Riot Games world feed and English broadcast on this event.
My Contributions
As an EVS Operator for the show, I was responsible for:
- Operating a 10 in / 2 out EVS LSM-VIA workstation
- Configuring macro button workflows to accommodate quick, 8-12 second rollouts every ~3-4 minutes during gameplay consisting of 2-6 clips each
- Calling those rollout sequences for 2-3 other EVS seats
- Getting across PGM feeds for multiple broadcasts to like-live various shots
- Playback of individual VT items, playlisting certain ad breaks
- Building and playback of ad hoc playlists for team goodbyes and other themes & moments