Free Fire Pro Series
North America

Replay Op | Feb 25 - Apr 1, 2022
Project Overview
Free Fire Pro Series is the official professional competition for Garena Free Fire, a mobile battle royale popular worldwide which passed 1 billion downloads back in July 2021.

You can view one of the VODs on YouTube below! (timestamped to one of the packages I compiled & played out)
My Contributions
As the replay operator for several group stage broadcasts and one of the finals broadcasts, my contributions included:
- Controlling vMix replay on the production line via Parsec (I use a Streamdeck via BitFocus Companion and a ShuttlePro V2 via remote USB software)
- Compiling and playing out game & day highlight packages

I enjoyed the challenge of piecing together a succinct & interesting story each game by weaving together freecam & POV shots. In particular, the finals broadcast was challenging due to using 4 important observer feeds (two teams of POV + freecam each) who were regularly covering two different fights concurrently. Thanks to the observer team for doing an awesome job.

Please contact Timur Yafunyaev as a reference for my work on this project!